Iraqi Olive industry

18 Jul

Olive tree Kalamata

Iraq has the potential to expend and improve the production of olive oil like to Middle Eastern countries.

The Iraqi  Ministry of Agriculture recognized  the possible for olive oil industry in Iraq and the government work with many organizations to establish new olive plantations.

For beginning the government and USAID  added 21,000 olive tree  in Ninawa and included three modern oil presses  and bottling equipment  and two irrigation well for the fields . the presses are capable of pressing 4.5 tons of oils per a day  the plant will add more jobs opportunity  for people live in Ninawa area .

Olive trees fields concentrated in northern Iraq in Ninawa province and many farmer been growing olive tree at that area more than 500 years ago because grower in that area been making healthy organic cold pressed olive oil.

One of the  famous association that support olive industry in Iraq Al – Zaytoon Association  which is communicated  with to USAID – INMA  is US  non for profit organization ensure that agriculture investment are supportable and they help agriculture capacity development on farms and in private sector .


Olive Oil Brands different price base on production procedures used to grow olives



The olive oil   its have been extracted over 5000 years ago using very common and the major countries   of olive oil  production  is Spain and Italy and Greece all together produce more than 75 % of the world production .

There are many health benefits of using olive oil like is soft on the digestive system

And help prevent gallstones and soothe ulcers. good quality  of olive oil contains valuable vitamins and nutrients and load with antioxidants which many people believe that protect the body from cancer


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  1. Madeleine Marx July 18, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    Why do you think the olive oil industry was not always a big industry in Iraq?

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